What Made Me Decide To Become More Eco-Friendly

I began looking at becoming more eco-friendly when I started properly buying my own food about 3 years ago.

I’d cook something, go to throw the packaging out and say “wait.. where is this going? Surely this piece of plastic is not just going to landfill!?

Why isn’t this recyclable?”

The more I bought and cooked, the more I realised most of the stuff I bought I was not recyclable, blew my mind.

I’d look at every label in extreme detail for any signs of it being recyclable, I remember sometimes I would actually put it in the recycling even if it wasn’t, trying to make it be recyclable, magically change the material of it and throw it as the industry like “RECYCLE THIS SOMEHOW PLEASE” haha.

I of course don’t do this anymore because I know it contaminates the lot of it.. but still, at least I was trying!

I felt like there wasn’t really anything I could do about it, I was forced to throw out plastic by the supermarkets and I did not like it.

I couldn’t see any way of avoiding it and to be honest.. I still don’t, if I want that frozen bag of chips I will buy it but I have definitely cut down on doing this a lot.

It is not our fault that supermarkets are letting us down and forcing us into buying non-recyclable goods.

I knew I didn’t want to go full force eco-friendly and change my whole lifestyle because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it.

The last thing I want to be is fake and if I sit here saying that I changed my whole life style I would be lying.

I knew if I started small I would be more likely to stick to it.

I started by looking at labels more before I bought products and trying choose a recyclable alternative or even completely plastic free.

I also changed a few things around the home, I cut down on my toiletries and cleaning products, stopped using makeup wipes, started using reusable shopping bags etc. But I knew this wasn’t enough.

Eventually I decided to educate myself more, I love documentary’s so I watched programmes such as ‘war on plastic’ on BBC. It completely changed my outlook, seeing how much waste each household produces and the amount of plastic we use was astounding.

With this new information I decided to make a few swaps of my own to reduce the amount of plastic in the house. I’d go on the old google (of course) and look for products, it was the most confusing experience, I didn’t know what was actually good for the environment and what was just a gimmick.

At the time I was interested in running my own online store, I tried the whole dropshipping thing which obviously failed. That 21 year old millionaire on the Facebook ad who’s offering a free webinar made it look so easy (guess what.. it’s not.. SHOCKING I know haha).

I spent a few months thinking about what I could sell, could I actually stock my own products, how do I ship those products, how does it work? I had so many questions about a venture that I knew nothing about and I still hadn’t picked my genre of products.

Eventually I stumbled across a wholesale website for eco-friendly products, instantly I thought THIS IS IT, this is what I’m going to sell.

Still only being mildly educated on the subject I decided to start small and not come across as a fake. The last thing I wanted to do was pretend I knew everything about being eco-friendly so I thought why not learn as I go and be completely open and honest about this.

Educating others whilst educating myself is what I decided to do, focus on newbies like me and learning with them, starting with small changes that I knew I understood.

It seemed to work! I learnt so much and also made a bit of pocket money on the side!

This is something I still stick by to this day!

I’m always learning, we’re all always learning.

I wanted to focus on young people like me who’d shown an interest in becoming a bit more eco-friendly but weren’t sure how to go about it or how to even start.

This brings me to the present day, I’m still a very small business but I am learning so much. I have a passion for customer service and knowing that I’m helping and educating other people even in a small way is something I really enjoy.

My family and friends have made small changes, ordering products from me and starting to think about their lifestyles because of what I am doing, that makes me happy.

This whole little journey has made me realise that we can not completely change the world around us and completely change what others do, we can only change what we do but in doing so we can change the world even just a little bit. (Try saying that fast five times)

I’m still not perfect, I never will be and I’m sorry to say.. neither will you.

But that’s ok!!

We’re both making a whole lot of a difference just by putting in the effort to be more conscious about our world and making small changes here and there that we can.

Thank you for reading and I’d love to hear your experiences with becoming more eco-friendly. What was the first moment that made you realise you needed to make some changes?

Sarah x

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